Why, hello!

As you’ve clicked the “About” button, I suppose you’d like to find out more about me… the one who is posting these posts…

So….. I’m someone who’s selectively observant. I won’t be able to predict a definite topic or theme that I’d be sharing about. I just post some of the things that I observe.

Okay, maybe I should elaborate a little… Basically, the things that I would post about are things that tickle my senses. My posts will be based on the things that I (or the friends/people who are with me at a particular point of time) happen to witness or talk about.

Therefore its still pretty simple. I’m sharing my thoughts and feelings on the random things around me with the people who care to read.

~I do not aim to mock or judge. I definitely will not identify the people mentioned in the posts.~

Happy Reading!


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